Its time to restart my blog,  as it seems like it has been an absolute age since the last time i put my ideas and experiences into words. The year has been really flown by for me- i really do not know where the time goes these days. Being ill at the start of the year didnt help me really as  i was  drained of my normal energy  and i am still not 100 percent.. For this reason I didnt fish many competitions this year , so i tried to put all my efforts into just a couple of competitions instead. 

The only downfall you get when you put all your eggs in one basket . either you can be greatly rewarded or be greatly dissapointed and that is exactly the way my year went. Although i have learnt many things this season on many different levels, i do have regrets and maybe in hindsight  i should of went about things a different way. But hey we live and learn

Over the next few months i will put the 2018 season to bed and try and put my thoughts ideas and experiences down in some sort of readable fashion.